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Tea for the Wicked or TFTW
Article written by Dean Holt from TFTW  
Its a bit hard describing TFTW, i've never been able to put a finger on it but I guess its a sort of Progressive space blues jam band with a bit pf pysche thrown in for good measure.
Influences range from Van Der Graff Generator, Camel, Hendrix etc...very 70's
And the Biog......

Formed late 1991 by Arfa Roach and Tony Hands after the break up of "Sons of Hedon". Recruited Jack Grigor (ex Chemical Alice) Steve Shaw
March 1992 started playing gigs around London ,the Midlands and South East England. They recorded there first album "Endangered Species" September 92 and released December that year
Spring 1994 saw TFTW win the band contest at The Square Harlow Essex.
The first prize being recording time. This enabled the band to record their second album "Out to Lunch" released October 1994
1995 saw TFTW play Strawberry Fair Cambridge and headline a number gigs at The Marquee London
October 1997 the band released their third album "Wicked Teapot" and the following year "2EPSON1CD" a collection of studio outtakes and a live performance recorded at The Harlow Square
1996. Between 2000 and 2002 TFTW played a series of gig with OSIBISA , WISHBONE ASH, MAN, THE GROUNDHOGS ,ARTHUR BROWN and CLEAR BLUE SKY
July 2001 Jack left the band and was replaced by Rupert Hines. After a long gap the band record "Tea at Fred's" during 2004
April 2006 "Tea at Fred's" released Steve Shaw leaves band, to be replaced by Ed Marks. Feb. 2007 Peter Ash leaves band and is replaced Tom Jones Nov. 2007 Arfa Roach leaves the band. Tony Hands releases a part solo project and releases a cd under the name of The Tea Project. Jan. 2008 Tony Hands and Ed Marks are joined by Tony Paul on bass Sept.2008 Old sparring partner of Tony Paul, Dean E Holt joins TFTW on bass and Tony Paul moves on to second guitar.....July 09 Tony Paul leaves band to pursue a heavier side of music and so Tea For The Wicked become a power trio
2009 the original band reformed for a few gigs and secured a slot at The Sonic Solstice festival 2010 whereby the band recorded the set for release as a LIVE CD. They have a few gigs booked in support of the release. Sadly, the original band only play a few gigs a year but the main gigging band are going strong. Wink
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10/12/2016 02:11
please make any requests via this shout box area

23/10/2016 21:16
Hello spacerockers. We're still broadcasting and have been constantly for over 5 years bringing you some of the best tallent

13/01/2016 04:14
RIP David Bowie, another music icon gone but not forgotten Shock

01/01/2016 18:57
RIP Lemmy, you will be with us forever

28/08/2014 14:26
there;s a little Festie coming up on Sept 12 to 14th at the Merry Fiddlers, Fiddlers Hamlet near epping. Beer, Bands and acoustic Jammin all weekend

16/04/2014 04:08
hello space-rockers. don't forget to contact us and tell us about events then we can advertise them for you

06/10/2013 01:32
Hey, this is my first login here, its amazing. Wink

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05/07/2013 00:49
Welcome to Space-rock.net samarchanka

25/04/2012 15:10
wow wot a line up at the cosmic puffin this year!! http://cosmicpuff.

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